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Our overall budget for 2023 is $1,000,000

Because of your faithfulness and generosity, as a church were able to give over $182,000 to Missions in 2022! . Thank you so much for your generosity in giving.  We believe that God calls us to love all people and through your generosity in giving, we are able to love and be a blessing to not only people in our cities, but globally as well!

Mission fundraising Strategies: Here are some strategies to help us raise funds for missions:

1. Tithing: Malachi 3:10. The bible instructs us to bring our ten percent to the storehouse and in this God’s blessing will be on you so much so that you won’t be able to contain it. This tithe is used to further the gospel. You contribution will allow us to give to those in need and bless our missionaries all across the world.

2. Vison casting from the platform: We want to consistently communicate a mission minded gospel. You will often hear about the missionaries we support across the world.

3. Pledges and offerings: We want to be able to give above and beyond what is required. We can truly make an impact on this world with our time, talent and treasure. If there is a specific ministry you believe God wants you to give to we can make that happen. Ask about how you can make a difference at our connect center.


Advocates for Africa, Easter Outreaches, Thanksgiving Outreach, Christmas Giveaways, Convoy of Hope, Serve Saturday