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What is Next Steps?

Next Steps is a one-week class designed to introduce the core values and beliefs of DestinyChurch. This class provides an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the church's mission, vision, and community, as well as to discover how they can contribute their uniqueabilities and God-given desires to make a positive impact on the world around them. It serves asa foundational step for those who are new to Destiny Church or for those who are interested inbecoming part of the Dream Team, which consists of passionate volunteers actively involved inthe church's activities and ministries.


Who should go through Next Steps?

1. Newcomers: If you are new to Destiny Church and want to gain a deeper understandingof the church's core values and beliefs, Next Steps is a great opportunity for you. It's achance to learn more about the church, as well as how you can connect and getinvolved.

2. Those interested in joining the Dream Team: If you feel ready to take a more activerole at Destiny Church by joining the Dream Team, Next Steps is a crucial step for you.The Dream Team consists of enthusiastic volunteers who play a vital role in variouschurch activities and ministries. Next Steps will help you explore how your unique skillsand passions can contribute to the church's mission and the community as a whole.

When is the Next Steps class?

The Next Steps class is offered on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of every month.

‚óŹ Columbia Campus: the class is held during the 9:45am service.

‚óŹ Lewisburg Campus: the class is held during the 9am service.This scheduling allows attendees from both campuses to participate in the Next Steps class andlearn more about the church's core values and opportunities for involvement.

Where do I go for the Next Steps Class?

‚óŹ Columbia Campus: The Next Steps Class for the Columbia Campus takes place at theRolling Hills office, located near the church at 104 W 5th St, Columbia, TN. If you'reattending this campus, this is where you'll need to go for the class.

‚óŹ Lewisburg Campus: The Next Steps Class for the Lewisburg Campus takes place inThe Dream Team Room (Cafeteria).

Additionally, for both campuses, if you have any questions or need assistance, you can check inat the Connect Center.

How do I sign up for the Next Steps class?

You can sign up for the Next Steps class by visiting our website and finding the Next Stepssection. There, you'll find a registration form where you can provide your basic information. Ourteam will follow up with you to ensure you have all you need to attend the Next Steps Class thatworks best for your schedule.